About Us

About Us

Business Market Intelligence Research is the world’s Leading Multinational Consultancy Firm for the market and has been active since its foundation in major industries, including industrial research, advanced market research, business knowledge data, intelligent data processing, investment consulting, and IPO consulting.

We organize corporations worldwide, with 50 percent in North America, 30 percent in Europe, the Middle East and America, and 20 percent in South America and the Asia Pacific, keeping to the operational mode of “Global Integration.” So far in more than 150 countries, we have researched customers and sectors and built an in-depth market in 80 countries.

After years of growth, Business Market Intelligence Analysis now provides global Top 500 firms, developing businesses and financial institutions with credible strategic management consulting, market study and investment and finance services, and monitors and analyses vast data from different industries. So we have rich consulting and research expertise and are able to provide consumers with detailed, authoritative, fair, and objective industry knowledge and investigation and study findings. Our market reach has now expanded internationally and has included many markets, including Pharmaceuticals & Medical, FMCG, Chemical & Material, Manufacturing, Machinery & Equipment, Automobile, Electronics, Agricultural, Electricity & Environment, Operation, Internetwork, and Intelligent.

Business Market Intelligence Research is able to help consumers understand growth markets, devise and adopt successful plans for advancement, and further improve their revenues, market shares, and profit margins.

Market polls are used as the basis and support for statistics and are also combined with market dynamics and analysis data. Our major sources of intelligence are government offices, trade unions, clients, and other strategic cooperative agencies. In order to help them solve diverse problems in the production process, we gather, interpret, and process data to deliver actual, creative, and efficient solutions to customers based on their unique circumstances.

After its founding, Business Market Intelligence Research has developed a data center spanning 6 continents, over 100 countries, and 10,000 companies. We now have over 50 trained data support staff after years of growth, ensuring real-time data updating. We also have a website that regularly updates 1,782 business categories worldwide.

A knowledgeable market investigation unit, a strong industry research team, a fantastic data research team, and an excellent after-sales team are part of Business Market Intelligence Research.

Our Team:

Team for Industry Investigation:

Scientific and objective investigative techniques are implemented by the industry investigation unit. In addition to offering extensive market study services, the team would not spare little effort to evolve innovative research approaches and techniques that respond to the global market in order to provide consumers with reliable market share analysis. Their work involves reliable data and content selection, methods of professional analysis, method of concept testing, a survey of customer satisfaction, placement of goods, market segmentation, and analysis of brand properties.

Study Team for Industry:

70 % of business research unit analysts have worked for years for the esteemed sector, commodity, and securities research institutes. They are both specialists in the fields of statistics, banking, industrial economics, marketing, foreign commerce, geography, automotive, energy, chemical engineering, electronic information, health and medicine, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering. More than 65% of analysts work in different areas.

Analysis Team on Data:

Based on their competent and accurate analysis techniques and results, the data science team incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative concepts into their testing processes in order to objectively produce authentic, empirical, and analytical analyses and eventually give customers tailored solutions. As well as precise data analysis such as PIMS analysis, correlation analysis, variance analysis, multi-dimensional analysis, clustering analysis, and factor analysis, including SWOT analysis, Ansoff Matrix, Bain Benefit Pools, Boston Matrix, Porter’s Five Powers Model, Hofer Matrix, Lorenz Curve, etc.

After-Sales Team:

The after-sales team continues to offer excellent services to our customers in close cooperation with the testing team and promises to send the fastest response. Each contact we consider an opportunity to advocate for clients and provide 24/7 assistance through mobile and email.

In our market, analysts with a doctor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree are 6%, 70%, and 24% respectively. About 30 percent of analysts have over 5 years of work experience linked to market analysis. Our senior consultants also have over 12 years of work experience. The chief analyst has over 8 years of analysis experience. Senior and intermediate analysts have more than 4 years of analysis experience, while junior analysts have over 2 years of experience. Also, assistant analysts have 1 year of experience in analysis.